Natural Stress Busters

Stress Relief Techniques

Stress. I wish I had a penny for every time I heard someone say, "I'm stressed out."

Unfortunately, due to the daily pressures of living in our world, we all feel stressed out at various times in our life. For the unemployed, underemployed, and over-worked-employee, life's challenges range from complex family issues, financial problems, to just getting the car started. When you are on overload, what will help reduce your stress? Are there natural stress busters that are easy, safe, and cost-effective that work? Yes, there are natural ways to break up stress that will help you to relax, enjoy life, and have better relationships.

Who needs natural stress busters?

As mentioned above, everybody needs natural stress busters since everybody overloads at times. Of course, if a person feels they have a serious inability to handle the stress in their life, they should always seek a professional medical provider. However, for those just needing to ride the wave, there are natural-stress-buster options.

Why go with natural stress busters?


Logic would tell you to go with the easiest fix first. For instance, if I urgently needed to cross the lake, I would drive my car across the bridge to the other side. A less desirable option would be to swim across the lake. Do you get the idea? It just makes sense to look at the easier way first, rather than the more difficult way, when making any adjustments to our lifestyle.


An interesting fact, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, prescribed tranquilizers can help people with anxiety and sleeping disorders. However, they also point out that when these drugs are taken in a manner not prescribed, the medications can produce serious adverse health effects, including addiction. This is a good reason to start first with a natural method or product to help reduce stress.

When looking at a way to help you relax and reduce the stress in your life, always make sure whatever natural method or product you use does not conflict with any present medical condition you may have. Check with your physician first before taking or starting a new program. Even if you do not have any medical condition, you can always check with your personal physician to get their thoughts on any new regimen or product.


Millions of dollars a year are spent on doctor visits and prescription medication. Many a physician has said, "The number one cause of sickness today is stress." Consequently, there you are in front of the doctor. Although a small amount of money may be involved in a more natural product, regimen, program, or idea, the overall cost will generally be less than the combined cost of prescriptions and doctor visits. Be penny-wise; not stressfully a pound foolish.

Better Relationships

Before you overload and explode on the closest person to you, seek out a natural way to relieve your stress. Don't wait until you "blow" so to speak. Remember, calmness is contagious. Anger can be contagious too. Which one do you want to share? Relationships with those we love should last a lifetime.

Amazing Stress Busters

What are some amazing ways to break up the stress you feel? Here is a short list of some helpful things to reduce your daily stress levels:

Regular Exercise
Alexander Technique
Massage, Reflexology
Artistic Expression
Pet Care

Take your pick. These are just a few of the ways to help reduce your daily stress load. They are all natural stress busters. Each one cost very little or nothing to start. When choosing a natural stress buster, always take into consideration your personality, time, financial situation, physical limitations, talent or skills, how disciplined you are, and especially what makes you happy. Start busting up your stress today!

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Medical Disclaimer: No diagnosis, medical advice, or cure is impressed or implied - Consult your doctor.